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The Pinnacle Museum Tower

Currently there are about ten available units at the amazing Pinnacle Museum Tower. These units run from about $400k to about  $3m on the 32nd floor. It’s the 2nd tallest condo downtown and it is magnificent.
Our blog has another mention of the Pinnacle here- along with several other high quality downtown condo homes. You’ll find much more with a Google search.

You’ll find the expected comforts here but perhaps the best thing is the neighborhood. If you like shopping take a few steps to the Horton Plaza mall- the most beautiful in …

San Diego Downtown Neighborhood Explored

Hi! You’re in the Neighborhood area of this SanDiegoCondoLoft blog; specifically in the Downtown neighborhood. Other Neighborhoods are available too as you browse the blog. Look for Categories and Tags for the opportunity to jump around the site. Elsewhere you can learn more facts and figures about downtown, but here you’ll get a fair idea what it’s like to live here.
Downtown is essentially zip code 92101. It reaches from Balboa Park to the east, to Little Italy to the north, to the airport at the west, and to the south …

The Future of San Diego’s Downtown Waterfront

Brown Pelican

The Old Salt

For some of us, the renewal of downtown has been an explosion of newer and better. For those less patient, it has taken forever. For all of us–there’s more to come! Your investment in downtown condo life comes with perks galore.
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The Star of India & Submarine

Let’s talk about the waterfront. Already we have magnificent naval vessels visiting Broadway pier, but add the cruise ships, the classic tall ships, the visiting yachts and anchored boats just offshore and you have a splendid view …

Pacific Beach – a typical condo

709 Agate St.

Here you are at the edge of La Jolla, 1/4 mile from the beach. A comfy but smallish second floor condo. So we have two bedrooms, two full baths and a large balcony with easy access via two french doors.  It has been on the market for some time so the $350 thousand dollar plus price may be negotiable.  The HOA fee is stated at a low $208. Includes parking for two cars and your own laundry facility in a closet.

There are many units in Pacific Beach similar to this and …

Quiet Zone relieves Downtown Residents from Train Noise

The Santa Fe Train Depot is surrounded by new condos

A coalition of residents in San Diego’s downtown area, have successfully lobbied to enact a Quiet Zone that will alleviate the loud, frequent nuisance of horns from passing trains. In recent years, a surge in residential construction downtown, including high-rise condominiums and apartments, has created problems as the existing industrial infrastructure struggles to accommodate those that live downtown.

The Santa Fe Train Depot is surrounded by new condos

The Quiet Zone will run from the intersection near Harbor Drive and Park Blvd. in the south, up to where the tracks cross Laurel Street …

Is This a Good Time to Buy?


Is this a good time to purchase property in San Diego, America’s finest city?  Before taking a look at an area with one of the best buys in the city, let me give a recap of the number reason San Diego is one of the most desirable places in the world to live.  San Diego has over 300 days of sunshine a year with an average temperature of 70 degrees and miles of rugged coastline. With home prices well below historic highs, in 2010 first-time home buyers took advantage of …

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