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The Pinnacle Museum Tower

Currently there are about ten available units at the amazing Pinnacle Museum Tower. These units run from about $400k to about  $3m on the 32nd floor. It’s the 2nd tallest condo downtown and it is magnificent.
Our blog has another mention of the Pinnacle here- along with several other high quality downtown condo homes. You’ll find much more with a Google search.

You’ll find the expected comforts here but perhaps the best thing is the neighborhood. If you like shopping take a few steps to the Horton Plaza mall- the most beautiful in …

Small Condos Offer Big Benefits

Aloft luxury condo loft

There are many reasons to choose a small condo or loft in downtown San Diego. Perhaps you want to downsize to reduce your environmental impact, or to enjoy living on your own before starting a family, or maybe your children have already grown up and left the nest. Even if you still have the big family home in the suburbs or another city, a small condo or loft can be a comfortable retreat in the heart of the city.
The great thing about the many new condo developments downtown is that …

Grand Living At The Pinnacle Museum Tower

Here’s a fun fact from the Pew Research center today: Almost half of all Americans wish they lived somewhere else. And 40% of those who want to move would like to live in San Diego. A premier location for you to move to when you come to sunny San Diego is the city’s 2nd tallest residence, The Pinnacle Museum Tower. 35 stories tall, this high rise was completed in 2005, and has residences ranging in price from $500K to $5 million.

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